Mobility Decarbonization

Electrification of transport and decarbonization of industry, powered by renewable electricity, are at the center of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction efforts. To accelerate this transition in line with the Paris agreement, WBCSD’s Mobility Decarbonization project brings together business leaders to guide electrification of corporate fleets and explore shared value at the intersection of mobility, energy and real estate sectors. Collaboration across sectors can help strengthen the value case for efficient electrified fleets, effective space management, smart infrastructure and integrated energy strategy, and help to attract capital to the transition.

    The challenge

    Transport accounts for 24% of global energy-related emissions and more than 80% of people living in cities are exposed to air pollution levels that exceed the World Health Organization limits. Mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) can significantly reduce urban emissions and bring the world closer to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, but costs and operational barriers, such as inaccessible infrastructure and a lack of energy system integration, slow down the global deployment. EVs still account for only a marginal percentage of new vehicle sales and while some countries pledge to end the use of gas-powered cars, we must accelerate system transformation to decarbonize the total stock of vehicles on the roads.

    The business case

    Decarbonizing transportation depends on corporate fleet owners and shipping company managers to recognize the economic viability of adopting EV technology. Equally, a successful transition toward electric mobility depends on vehicle availability and extensive global infrastructure development. To encourage these market changes, many COVID-19-related economic stimulus packages have included significant incentives for EVs adoption, charging infrastructure and battery storage, especially in Europe and China. Policy direction is clear and ambitious business action must follow.

    The solution

    The Mobility Decarbonization project is harnessing value at the intersection of mobility, energy and real estate sectors to support investments, accelerate electrification of mobility, develop infrastructure and cut emissions in cities around the world.  The project is guiding corporate fleet electrification, creating frameworks for faster deployment of viable charging infrastructure and channeling ambition and action through regional business platforms. In addition to these platforms, WBCSD will support proof-of-concepts that highlight the viability of large-scale fleet led EV adoption across geographies.

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